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Powerful solutions, driven by reliability

Hydraulics is a special driving force that requires experience with and a passion for technology. Because we have a great deal of both at Hydrosta, we offer powerful solutions, driven by reliability. This makes us a leader in the field of components; we are at the forefront in the development and production of and for hydraulic systems and we are the specialist in maritime systems for propulsion, control and navigation. Electric, hydraulic and hybrid.

Who is Hydrosta?

Passionate about hydraulics

At Hydrosta, everything revolves around a passion for hydraulics. This is our focus every day! And that's not for no reason, because the added value of Hydrosta is born from a hobby. We started supplying components more than forty years ago. But we became intrigued by customer stories about the practical application problems.

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We continue to innovate

As pure professionals, we devised and realized solutions for our customers, designers, builders and end users. We have always maintained that innovative character. In fact, it forms the core of our company because your practical questions and wishes always give rise to a new project. And every solution leads to new insights. In this way we make everything better, more beautiful, more compact and more stable.

Hydrosta advies

What does Hydrosta supply?

From quality components to complete customer-specific systems

Because hydraulics has always been our main focus, we know the technology and the material down to the smallest detail. We are able to solve your problems time and again thanks to that knowledge and expertise with solutions that we have developed and built ourselves. We deliver high quality and we demand the same quality from the components that we use in our customer-specific systems.

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Only premium brands

If you choose quality, you choose Hydrosta. We only work with the absolute premium brands in the hydraulics world, such as Rineer, Sunfab and Salami. And of course, EATON. We have even been selected as an Authorized Lean Solution Partner by this last supplier. In that role, we act as a knowledge center for EATON to assist customers in programming their electrical components into a solution for their system or machine. We do this both at a distance and on location.

What does Hydrosta supply?

What does Hydrosta develop?

Solutions for daily questions and wishes

Okay, you need to have to the right contacts for it, but to be very honest: others can supply quality hydraulic products too. Our true strength is resolving issues that you experience in daily practice. We do this by developing complete hydraulic systems for many mobile and industrial applications. We process the components that we purchase or develop ourselves.

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New and refurbished systems

All the ideas of our engineers start on paper. We then convert those designs into a system that works perfectly in practice. And whether it is a new or refurbished system, all our solutions go through a thorough testing phase. Both on our advanced test bench and during a practical test. This is because we do not go for good or for better, but for best.

Bundling of hydraulics, electronics and software

We apply this principle to both the industrial and agricultural sectors, and certainly also to the maritime industry. For the latter we integrate hydraulics with electronics and software elements to create complete operating and control elements. For professional and recreational boating, our innovative character led to our own brand: Navio. An established name in maritime circles, with a rapidly growing clientele.

Hydrosta voorraad

Why Hydrosta?

Added value of honesty and applied knowledge

Passion for technology and a heart for you as our customer, these form the basis of our drive to come up with practical and workable solutions. You thereby fully benefit from the honesty and expertise of all our professionals. They are an important factor because thanks to their applied knowledge, we can fully think along with you and create unique, practically workable solutions for you.

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Always and everywhere ready

The real added value of Hydrosta is what you cannot see but simply experience. We ensure that we not only deliver a system to you, but that we actually solve your problems with it. Always and everywhere. And we are ready for you even after delivery, to provide service work and a fast delivery of components from our large stock.

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How do we deliver on what we promise?

If we believe in it, we go for it

If something is not possible, we will say it honestly. But if we believe that it might be possible, we will really go for it! And what we promise, we deliver. We can make that guarantee because we opt for the highest quality standards, both when designing, developing and producing our systems and when choosing the components that we use and supply.

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Quality that pays off

And yes, a competitor may sometimes be cheaper. So be it... This does not bother us because we only want to work with and for satisfied customers. That is why we strive for a price-quality ratio that is beyond any criticism. And that is ultimately what you want, for yourself, but also for your customers. Because quality always pays for itself!

Satisfied recreational and professional sailors, system and machine builders

The result of our promise? Industrial machine builders who depend on the (delivery) reliability of our components and systems day in and day out. Recreational and professional sailors who rely on our integrated total systems. And farmers who work smoothly with our hydraulic systems in a wide variety of agricultural locations.

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- Our products -

Practical solutions to
challenges in practice

We supply hydraulic components from renowned brands such as Eaton, Sunfab and Salami. We can offer hydraulic systems as a standard product and as a customized solution (both with and without the deployment of our engineers) and we develop a wide range of control electronics. Moreover, our maritime systems are known for their unique concepts. In this way we have a complete range of top-quality products that offer practical solutions to challenges in practice.

Hydraulic components

Hydraulic components

Hydraulic systems

Hydraulic systems

NAVIO control systems

NAVIO control systems

Maritime systems

Maritime systems


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